St. Isidore

St. Isidore (formerly St. Isidore de Prescott) is a community in The Nation Municipality in Prescott and Russell County in Ontario, Canada.

The town was initially called St. Isidore de Prescott, but in 1989, when the community became an incorporated village, the name was shortened to St. Isidore. However, the incorporated village was short-lived and became part of The Nation Municipality nine years later, in 1998. St-Isidore has a French elementary school (Kindergarten to 6) called L'école Catholique de St-Isidore. The school has between 200 and 300 students.

A designated place, St. Isidore, had a population of 751 in the Canada 2006 Census.

Saint-Isidore, anciennement connu sous le nom de Saint-Isidore de Prescott, est une localité franco-ontarienne de la municipalité de La Nation dans les Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell 

En 1989, lorsque la communauté est devenue un village constitué en corporation, le nom a été raccourci à Saint-Isidore. La municipalité a eu une courte vie car, neuf ans plus tard, en 1998, le village est devenu une partie de municipalité de La Nation.

Le village de Saint-Isidore a eu auparavant toute une génération pour sa seule épicerie de Valu-Mart jusqu'à la fermeture définitive du samedi 4 décembre 2021, en raison d'un manque de relève.

L'église catholique Saint-Isidore a été ouverte en 1879. Elle a été détruite par un incendie le 23 juillet 2016. L'église aurait été frappée par un éclair lors de violents orages en fin d'après-midi.

St. Isidore Catholic Church was opened in 1879. It was destroyed by fire on July 23, 2016. The church was reportedly struck by lightning during heavy thunderstorms in the late afternoon.

Rt. Rev. Marie in the Archmobile

Isidore the Laborer

Isidore the Labourer, also known as Isidore the Farmer (Spanish: San Isidro Labrador) (c. 1070 – 15 May 1130), was a Spanish farmworker known for his piety toward the poor and animals. He is the Catholic patron saint of farmers and of Madrid, El Gobernador, Jalisco, La Ceiba, Honduras, and of Tocoa, Honduras. His feast day is celebrated on 15 May.

The Spanish profession name labrador comes from the verb labrar ("to till", "to plow," or, in a broader sense, "to work the land"). Hence, to refer to him as simply a "labourer" is a poor translation of the Spanish labrador as it does not refer to the essential farming aspect of his work and his identity. His real name was Isidro de Merlo y Quintana.

Isidore le Laboureur (né vers 1070 à Madrid, mort vers 1130 à Madrid) est considéré comme saint ; sa fête est le 15 mai.

St Isidore Arena