St Luke United Belledune


83 Chaleur Dr, Belledune, NB

Belledune (2011 population: 1,548) is a Canadian village that straddles the boundary between Restigouche County and Gloucester County, New Brunswick.

The community of Belledune was created through the amalgamation of Jacquet River, Armstrong Brook, and Belledune in 1994. The community dubbed itself a "Supervillage" after this amalgamation. Belledune's population meets the requirements as a "Town" under the Municipalities Act of the Province of New Brunswick, but it has not requested a change in municipal status.

Belledune is one of the few municipalities not significantly affected by the province's 2023 local governance reforms.

 St. Andrew’s United Church 

21 Water St, Rexton, New Brunswick 

There are three churches within the Rexton Pastoral Charge in Kent County, New Brunswick.

 St.Andrew's,  Rexton,  St. John’s in West Branch and

St. Stephen’s in Molus River.


Lesfreck: Rexton United Church, Rexton NB Canada. 

4 July 2006  

Administered by Parks CanadaAdministered by Parks Canada

21 Water Street, Rexton, New Brunswick

Rexton United Church, Rexton NB, Canada. The retouched version of the photo with our stamp watermark. The image was cropped and lightened, and a telephone wire was removed.  It is the same church. But with door and stipple windows covered.

St. Andrew's United Church is a large, wood-framed rectangular building located on a prominent point of land on the Richibucto River. It is the tallest building in the Village of Rexton. 

The St. Andrew's United Church heritage value resides in its association with the Rt. Hon Andrew Bonar Law and its illustration of the Scottish Presbyterians' desire to have a place of worship for its congregation.